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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Junie & Dave Wainman
Thank you Uncle Dave and Aunt Junie for being a tee sponsor!  It would mean so much to my father as you know!  Thanks again!
9:01 am est

Dr. Lorey & Dr. Smith
Thank you to Dr. Lorey & Dr. Smith for being a tee sponsor!  My father always liked to go out to the dentist to see you guys!  Thanks again.
8:58 am est

Enea Family Funeral Home
Thank you so much to the Enea Family Funeral Home for being a tee sponsor!  The Enea's provide a wonderful service to the area.
8:56 am est

Burrows Paper Corporation
Thank you to Burrows Paper Corporation of Little Falls for being a tee sponsor!  We appreciate your support!
8:53 am est

Parkway Drugs
Thank you to Parkway Drug for being a tee sponsor!  They are very nice people at Parkway Drugs and they can help you with whatever you need!
8:52 am est

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rock Band 2 Update
Jeff has just informed me that the Rock Band 2 bundle will be signed by the makers of the game!  How cool is that?  Wouldn't that be a great collector's item?  You can win it at the event!  Thanks again Jeff and Harmonix!
4:32 pm est

The Village Market in Mohawk
The Village Market in Mohawk will also be a Tee Sponsor for the Jerry Walsh Memorial Cake Eater Classic!  Thank you Village Market!  If you need any type of meat The Village Market is the place to go in the valley!
4:25 pm est

Rae and Steve Rosenfeld
Rae and Steve will be join us for dinner.  We look forward to seeing them and appreciate their donation!
4:22 pm est

Warren Lennox
Warren just had rotator cuff surgery and won't be able to golf this year, but made a donation anyway!  Thank you Warren!  Hope you heal up and are ready for next year!
4:20 pm est

Robinson Brothers of Mohawk
Thank you to the Robinson Brothers for being a cart sponsor!  If you're in need of an appliance check out Robinson Brother's of Mohawk!  They'll take care of you!
4:18 pm est

Sorrento's Pizzeria and Restaurant
Sorrento's Pizzeria and Restaurant has donated gift certificates!  Thank you so much!  If you're in Ilion and want a great meal make sure you stop by Sorrento's!
4:16 pm est

Herkimer Burger King
Thank you to the Herkimer Burger King for donating 20 french fry coupons!  Get them while they're hot!
4:13 pm est

DeNicola Photography
A very special thanks goes out to Ralph DeNicola for being our first $400 sponsor!  If you need a photographer for any event Ralph is your man!  He does a fantastic job! I know from experience because he shot my brother's wedding.  Thanks again, Ralph!
4:11 pm est

Big Apple Music
Special thanks to Pete from Big Apple Music for donating a $350 Camera Observation System!  Isn't that a great prize?  You can use it for your business, protect you home, or even monitor your kids!  Thanks again!
4:09 pm est

Carbone Honda Automotive Complex
A big thank you goes out to the good people at the Carbone Honda Automotive Complex!  They will be our Hole in One Sponsor.  If you get a hole in one on the selected hole then you will win a Honda Accord LX-P!  Better start practicing!
4:06 pm est

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Of course I have to thank WKTV!  They are our media sponsor and have donated advertising time and a gift basket to the tournament.  I'm very happy that my employer cares enough about me and this cause to be so generous.  Thanks again WKTV!  I knew I could count on you!
4:43 pm est

Village Floral
Village Floral in New Hartford has donated a gorgeous flower arrangement for the tournament!  They do wonderful work at Village Floral.  Go see them for and needs you may have!
4:40 pm est

Holland Farms
What would the Cake Eater Classic be without a cake donation?  Holland Farms has generously donated a coupon for a birthday cake!  Thanks to Marolyn Wilson, Suzanne Harrington and the staff at Holland Farms!  Make sure you go there and get some jelly buns!
4:34 pm est


A special thanks goes out to Georgio's for donating a gift card!  You can always get a great meal there!  My personal favorite is their hats and broccoli!  Thanks again!

4:30 pm est

Packy's Pub
Packy's Pub was nice enough to donate a gift card.  Thanks to Packy's!  They have an excellent chicken sandwich on their lunch menu.  I highly recommend it!
4:27 pm est

Our First Cart Sponsor
Rex Jetter became our first Cart Sponsor with his donation!  Rex did my father's taxes for years so I know his donation would mean a lot to my father.  I'm sure my father misses talking hockey with you this year Rex!  Thanks again for the donation!
4:24 pm est

I'm pleased to report Chanatry's is the latest Tee Sponsor!  Thank you so much Chanatry's!  It was a no brainer asking them for a donation because they are so generous and never hesitate to support local causes.  Thanks again!
4:20 pm est

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My good friend Andrew Donovan was nice enough to make a Facebook event page for the tournament.  Thanks Andrew!  You are the best!  Make sure you check it out!  Here's the link:
8:05 am est

Rock Band 2
I'm very happy to report that my good friend Jeff Rubin was able to get his company, Harmonix, to donate a Rock Band 2 bundle to be raffled off at the tournament!  We are all very excited about this and flattered by the donation.  Thank you so much Harmonix!  I'm sure the Rock Band 2 bundle will be one of the most popular raffle items.  Thanks again!  As my Grandmother used to say, "You've got to have a ticket to win, so you better get one!"
7:55 am est

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our First Donation
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Northern Physical Therapy for being our very first tee sponsor!  A special thanks goes out to David M. Abdoo PT, DPT!  Thank you so much!  All you valley people, especially those in Ilion, look for David's new location opening up on the corner of Second Street and Third Ave at the old Hiltop Video location!  Thanks again David!

7:45 am est

Happy Birthday Jerry!
Today would have been Jerry's 62nd birthday!  We miss him very much and will be thinking about him constantly throughout the day, as always.  What better way to honor Jerry and support the Cake Eater Classic than by making a donation today?  All money raised will benefit ALS of Utica and ALS research!  What do you say?  Feeling generous?
7:37 am est

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